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Your Sport Session is the one chance to look back at this moment and tell your story.

We understand the needs, time constraints and requirements of Team and Individual photography.

We have the know how and almost unlimited digital tools to create amazing composites to highlight your team!

CREATIVE. STYLISH. AWARD-WINNING.  A studio you can trust!

Don't leave this super important milestone in the hands of a friend with a nice phone or even the latest "photographer" with a new Facebook Page.

Dream Copy Photography is an established, award winning studio! We have provided amazing images to the tri-state area since 2004 and Kenny received his Certified Professional Photography degree in 2014.

Team and Individual Samples

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Session Info:

Your Location

No Session Fee
Complimentary lighting to match ambient light
Images use your space as the background
Geared towards indoor sports

The Studio

No Session Fee
Studio Portrait Lighting
All images extracted for digital background
Teams are composited to allow larger groups


Below is our typical Team & Individual Pricing.  We understand that each group is unique and we can customize any order form to fit your desired packages and options.

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We offer free consultations for every type of session.

We get it!  This may be your first time using our studio.  You probably have questions.  The easiest way to get all the info you need is to come see us!  Book a free consult and you can meet us, see our space as well as print and product examples.  We will discuss all your options and even give you clothing suggestions!  Call us today at 270-570-2063 or click below.

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